Sliding Scale Prices

The full price of my services is $160 per individual session. I offer a limited number of reduced fee opportunities at $96 or $128 per session. If those positions are full and you qualify for the sliding scale fee, you may work with me for the full price until a slot opens. You will be placed on the waitlist until a slot opens up. 

You may also ask me for referrals to other therapists or seek out support yourself.  

Another lower cost option is joining one of my groups which is $50 per group session plus a one-time intake session fee of $75. The intake session will be one on one session in which I evaluate your level of need, group appropriateness,  and the type of your group you will need. 

Please contact me to see if any slots are available. Some people may qualify for sliding scale pricing but they are not guaranteed to be available. Sliding scale pricing is subject to reassessment after a year of consecutive treatment or if you are a returning client.  

Referrals to other resources with low cost will be provided or upon request. 

Below is a questionnaire to see if you qualify. This will be discussed during the intake assessment.